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What is travel flag football?

Travel flag football is a fast, fun, and highly competitive version of flag football. Centered around tournaments, teams from all over the country gather on weekends to compete against each other and grow the sport.

Travel flag football is a faster, more competitive version of flag football. We compete in regional tournaments (northeast) & national tournaments, against some of the best flag football players & teams in the country. We also compete for national championships! Many current college flag football coaches attend the tournaments in search of the next potential scholarship recipients, and we have had many players go on to play college flag football. With flag football being played in the 2028 olympics, the opportunities are endless through travel flag football. 


We aim to provide more than just your average travel flag football organization. We coordinate many events outside of tournaments, like team dinners, family days, organizational dinners, fundraisers and other team activities. Our organization aims to bring an experience like no other on and off the field to help build lifetime friendships and cultivate a competitive and fun environment for all athletes and families. 

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